Cole & Mason Grinders City Mills Concrete

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The City Mills feature a state-of-the-art design; a geometrically patterned concrete base with a gunmetal feature band and a stemless acrylic body.

    • The City Pepper Mill features the all new Precision mechanism. The new mechanism improves upon the current, award-winning Precision mechanism.
    • They are designed for ultimate efficiency and optimal output; 40% more ground pepper can be released with the same number of turns.
    • Research done by Nottingham University proves that the new mechanism delivers more flavour from the peppercorn.
    • The Precision+ mechanism on the pepper, made from carbon steel, has optimised mechanics to ensure fewer blockages and even more consistent performance.
    • The salt mill still features the diamond sharp ceramic mechanism cutting through the hardest of salts, allowing for a smooth and even turn.
    • The salt and pepper mechanisms come with a lifetime guarantee.
    • Spring loaded mechanism which allows you to adjust the grind from fine to coarse; tighten the knob on the top for a finer grind.
    • A worktop protector has been added to the grinding base for durability.