Scanpan Bamboo Carving Board 50x30x1.8 cm

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Slice and carve your roasts, seared meats, poultry and pork with ease using this Scanpan Bamboo Carving Board. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, this reversible board is designed with a handy juice lane on one side which makes it perfect for slicing and collecting juices from your cooked meats, even fruits and veggies. Versatile and functional, you can use the smooth side for chopping ingredients or serving delicious food on the table.

Key Features:

  • Reversible carving board beautifully made from sustainable and durable bamboo

  • Designed for slicing roasted meats and chopping everyday ingredients

  • Features a large cutting surface on one side to hold big roasts and smooth cutting surface on the reverse side for simple cutting tasks or serving food

  • Has inner juice grooves on one side to help collect excess juices from fruits, vegetables or cooked meats, avoiding mess on the benchtop