Gewurzhaus Lamb Spice 68g


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Sweet, savoury, fragrant and warm, Lamb Spice boasts robust European and Mediterranean flavours.

It is especially suited for marinating grilled meat and roasts when applied with oil, but you may just as easily use it to flavour an impressive finishing sauce to go over roasts or in a dressing for hearty salads. Choose European or Middle Eastern ingredients to go with Lamb Spice for a fuller expression of either cuisine.

Serving Suggestion:
Best used as a wet marinade, mix 1 part spice with 2 parts oil and allow the meat to rest in the mix for several hours if possible. For an easy finishing sauce, heat butter and whisk until frothy, add a generous amount of spice and once fragrant, spoon onto cooked lamb. Also delicious on chicken fillets and potatoes.

Sea salt, garlic, sugar, ginger, turmeric, paprika, coriander, mustard seed, fennel, onion, pepper, cassia, chilli.


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