Tatua Mascarpone Cheese 500g


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A velvety soft Italian-style cream cheese that is rich, creamy and spreadable. Its velvety texture is similar to thickened whipped cream. Perfect to create tiramisu, cheesecake, tarts, flans, cakes and baking and add to soups and pasta dishes. 

Serving suggestions:

  • Perfect to use in layers between cakes and filo pastries, or as an accompaniment to desserts.
  • Use in desserts such as baked cheesecakes, tarts and flans.
  • Create the traditional Italian dessert Tiramisu.
  • Create a rich flavoured pasta sauce or thicken risotto and soup.
  • Blend with citrus rind and sweetened with honey, or blend with ground coffee beans, cinnamon, passionfruit pulp or quality dark chocolate.
  • Mix with liqueurs to create delicious fillings or spreads.
  • Make homemade ice cream and gelato. 

Tatua Mascarpone has a 12 month unopened shelf life.  

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